Anime Theme Premier Membership

We are proud to release the Anime Theme Premier Membership service for all the true Anime Theme fans! While we are still working hard to provide quality and FREE downloads for everyone, we also realize that we should provide BETTER services for those who truly love and support this site. This is exactly what the Anime Theme Premier Membership is for!

As an Anime Theme Premier member, you can enjoy the following services EXCLUSIVE to Premier members!

  1. Download any wallpapers of ANY RESOLUTIONS available in our galleries featuring various Anime series, Japanese CG games and sexy Anime babes, with over 8000 wallpapers in total!
  2. Download any game videos in our site featuring "Final Fantasy VII-XII" and various video games from our MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE servers which are FAST and STABLE! Most of our videos are RARE and of such HIGH quality that are hard to be found anywhere else on the Internet!
  3. Download our "Anime Theme Guides" images (Desktop Ladies/Guys and Forum Ladies, over 2000 images in total, SAMPLES) in a single package! They are perfect for forum avatar/signature, decorations for your web pages/blogs, and other purposes!
  4. Enjoy ENHANCED options browsing and using Anime Theme, and some of these features NEVER expire! (DETAILS)
Features Non-Member Normal Member Premier Member
Wallpaper download
Yes Yes Yes
Wallpaper download
(800x600 and up)
No Restricted Yes
Game video download Restricted Restricted Yes
Game video download
(PERFECT-quality version)
No No Yes
"Anime Theme Guides" images
(direct download)
No No Yes
Anime Theme ENHANCED
(eg. Ad-FREE browsing)
No No Yes (UNLIMITED time)

Interested? By making a payment of as low as $4.99 USD, you will become an Anime Theme Premier member and be able to enjoy our MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE services! All available pricing options are listed below.

  1. 1 week (7 days): $4.99 USD
  2. 4 months (120 days): $9.99 USD
  3. 1 year (365 days): $30 $14.99 USD (savings of 50% off the original price!)

NOTE: All payments are non-recurring, one-time only. You may manually renew your member account later.

Here are the sign-up procedures for Anime Theme Premier Membership!

  1. Select the length of membership, and click the "Pay Now" button below (payment is processed by PayPal).
  2. You will receive your "Invitation Code" via email after your payment has been confirmed by us. This process usually takes less than 2 days.

    Your "Invitation Code" will be sent to the email address
    • registered with your PayPal account, OR
    • provided by you during the payment (in case you have no PayPal account)
  3. After you have received your "Invitation Code", register an Anime Theme forum account (or go to your Profile section if you already have a forum account). Enter your "Invitation Code" and you will become an Anime Theme Premier member INSTANTLY!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, support us and enjoy the BEST from Anime Theme today!

Make sure that you have READ and ACCEPTED our Terms of Use for Anime Theme Premier Membership before signing up!

Anime Theme Premier Membership

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