Anime Theme Wallpaper Gallery

(BGM from Chage & Aska's "Epilogue")

Welcome to Anime Theme Wallpaper Gallery! Here you'll be able to find some wallpapers featuring Anime series, Japanese games and other Anime-style pictures. They come with various sizes that fit most resolutions. Feel free to use them on your desktop!

FF7 FF8 Princess Mononoke Dragon Ball You're Under Arrest

EVA Haruhi Macross Tenchi Muyo Bastard Love Hina Forum

Miscellaneous Wallpaper Gallery

Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper Gallery

Take a look at some wallpapers featuring Final Fantasy VII, one of the best console RPG game ever!

Final Fantasy VIII Wallpaper Gallery

Come get some wallpapers featuring the supremely famous RPG, Final Fantasy VIII!

Princess Mononoke Wallpaper Gallery

Take a look at some wallpapers featuring the Anime movie "Princess Mononoke", which is the highest-grossing local movie in Japan and is now shown in the US cinemas!

Dragon Ball Wallpaper Gallery

Come get some wallpapers of Dragon Ball Z and GT!

You're Under Arrest Wallpaper Gallery

Download some YUA wallpapers for your desktop!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper Gallery

Come get some wallpapers of Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the best Anime series ever produced!

Macross Wallpaper Gallery

Come get some Macross wallpapers from various series across the Macross Universe, from the original Macross to the latest Macross Frontier series!

Tenchi Muyo Wallpaper Gallery

Come get some wallpapers of Tenchi Muyo!

Bastard Wallpaper Gallery

Take a look at some wallpapers of Bastard!

Love Hina Wallpaper Gallery

Don't miss the wallpapers of Love Hina, one of the most popular Anime series in 2000!

Miscellaneous Wallpaper Gallery

Download some HIGH-QUALITY, hard-to-find wallpapers featuring mainly Japanese CG games and sexy Anime babes! This gallery is currently the BIGGEST one in this site, with over 8000 wallpapers in total!

Anime / Game Arts Forum

Looking for even more wallpapers? Why not visit this forum for more pics posted by our members? You can share your collection of wallpapers and pics too!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpaper Gallery

Download some wallpapers of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and let the H-ism fever continue!

Windows Sidebar Gadget Gallery

Windows Gadget is a new feature of Windows Vista and 7. The Vista version has a "Sidebar" which contains mini-applications (called "Gadgets") which are based on a combination of Script and HTML. They may be used to display information such as the system time, CPU/RAM usage and Internet-powered features such as RSS feeds, and to control external applications such as Windows Media Player. Gadgets can run "docked" in the sidebar or they can "float" anywhere on the desktop. On Windows 7, gadgets are all placed on the desktop without a sidebar, and arranged in a slightly different way.

Check out our Windows Sidebar Gadget Gallery for some original gadgets that can be used on your Vista and 7 desktop!

Visit our Windows Sidebar Gadget Gallery now!

Anime Theme Renders Gallery

Welcome! Here you will find some high-quality Anime "renders" (images that are carefully cut-out/masked) for use with System Animator desktop gadget or other design purposes. Check out our Renders Gallery, and start decorating your desktop in the simplest way!

Visit Anime Theme Renders Gallery now!

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